Fairness in Families Index to measure “family friendly policies”

Here is another gender index! And the country ranking varies again largely when comparing this index to other gender indices! Only the Nordic countries always seem on top….

The Fairness in Families Index is produced by the Fatherhood institute in Britain and compiles data from 21 OECD countries. It examines ten indicators including gender equality in parental leave, gender pay gap, percentage of women in parliament and management positions, percentage of GDP spent on childcare and gender gap in part time work and in time spent on childcare.

Australia ranks poorly because of the  lack of parental and paternity leave. The UK also lags behind as UK families get a raw deal on paid paternity leave, time spent caring for children and men and women’s pay.  Only Japan, Austria and Switzerland are ranked less ‘family-friendly’ than the UK.

The Fairness in Families Index suggest that policies are most family friendly in Nordic countries and reveals:

  • In Finland, men spend 52.8 minutes caring for education their children for every hour spent by women.
  • In Sweden, men get a maximum of 40 weeks full-time equivalent paid leave for men following the birth of a child.
  • 37.7% of the part-time workforce in Denmark  is male.

France obtained rank 8 out of 21 countries.  Expenditure on childcare is high in France, but its’ proportion of women  in parlaments is very low.  Germany obtained rank 14.  Gemany’s  is ‘family friendly’ due to its’ full time equivalent paid leave for fathers,  but Germany’s male share of part time workers is very low.

Source: Fairness in Families Index

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