Angela Greulich

My name is Angela Greulich, I am German and I live in Paris, France. I am Full Professor in Population Studies at I.E.P. Sciences Po Paris (CRIS).  Previously, I worked as Associate Professor in Economics at Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne (Economics department; Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne – CES). I have also worked as consultant for the OECD and the World Bank.

My research focuses on interactions between demographic dynamics, women’s working activities and social policies and in European countries. I am particularly interested in socio-economic differentials of fertility behaviour, their context dependency and their implications for family and labour market policies.

My analyses are based on European survey data (mainly EU-SILC) in combination with aggregate data, for example from the OECD Family Data Base. I mostly apply panel data econometrics.

At Sciences Po, I am teaching Demography and Econometrics.



This blog  informs about  causes and consequences of gender inequalities in education, employment an income in developing, emerging and developed countries. I discuss important economic, social and political challenges in view of persistent gender inequalities in terms of access to capital, labour, political and social participation.  The encouragement of women’s labour market activities and policy interventions allowing women to combine work and family life are in the focus of this blog.


Angela Greulich at Sciences Po Paris

Invitations as expert:

Article in l’Express May 2018

Article on March 2017

Article in ‘Le Monde’ September 2011

Article in ‘La Recherche’ December 2011

Interview on “Radio France Culture” February 2012

Interview on “Radio France Internationale” June 2012

Interview on blog “Deutsche in Paris”, November 2012

Interview/Article in “Deutsche Welle”, June 2013


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