Research fields:  Population Economics, Fertility, Female Employment, Family Policies, Income Dynamics, Panel Data Econometrics

Main research question: How are demographic dynamics and income variations linked to each other, from a macro- as well as a micro-economic perspective? What is the role of female employment? How do public institutions interfere with these relations?

Work in progress:

 “Development, Fertility and Childbearing Age: A Unified Growth Theory.” avec H. d’Albis et G. Ponthière

”Observing the number of children with EU-SILC – a quantification of biases.” avec A. Dasré

“Who pays for the consumption of young and old – measuring intergenerational equity in France with the National Transfer Accounts.” avec J. Navaux, C. Bonnet, H. d’Albis

 “Sharing patterns among partners – a comparative analysis for European countries.”

“Combatting domestic violence in Turkey. The role of women’s economic empowerment.”  avec A. Dasré et C. Inan

“The importance of employment stability for fertility – a multiple-imputation approach with European survey data” avec M. Rendall

“The later, the more?  Une analyse comparative du lien entre calendrier et intensité de la fécondité” avec L. Toulemon



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