Research fields:  Population Economics, Fertility, Female Employment, Family Policies, Income Dynamics, Panel Data Econometrics

Main research question: How are demographic dynamics and income variations linked to each other, from a macro- as well as a micro-economic perspective? What is the role of female employment? How do public institutions interfere with these relations?

Work in progress:

 “Development, Fertility and Childbearing Age: A Unified Growth Theory.” avec H. d’Albis et G. Ponthière

“Who pays for the consumption of young and old – measuring intergenerational equity in France with the National Transfer Accounts.” avec J. Navaux, C. Bonnet, H. d’Albis

 “Sharing patterns among partners – a comparative analysis for European countries.”

“Combatting domestic violence in Turkey. The role of women’s economic empowerment.”  avec A. Dasré et C. Inan

“The importance of employment stability for fertility – a multiple-imputation approach with European survey data” avec M. Rendall

“The later, the more?  Une analyse comparative du lien entre calendrier et intensité de la fécondité” avec L. Toulemon

“AgeWellAccounts” avec H. d’Albis



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