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The power of the girl effect

This ad uses animation brilliantly to make clear the benefits of investing in a single worthy cause. It sheds light — and hope — on one of the most overlooked, yet promising, assets on this planet: 12-year-old girls. We have … Continue reading

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Why French women suceed better in balancing work and family life than German women.

Although Germany and France bear many similarities regarding economics, politics and institutions as compared to other European countries, the birth rate and full-time female labour force participation rate are significantly lower in Germany. Both in France and in Germany, there … Continue reading


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Machismo in France – far from being eradicated!

According to a recent INSEE survey, 25% of respondents in France still believe that in times of economic crisis, men should be given priority against women in terms of employment. This believe is based on the idea of a traditional … Continue reading

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