The power of the girl effect

This ad uses animation brilliantly to make clear the benefits of investing in a single worthy cause. It sheds light — and hope — on one of the most overlooked, yet promising, assets on this planet: 12-year-old girls.

We have a situation on our hands and the clock is ticking.

When a girl turns 12 and lives in poverty, her future is out of her control. In the eyes of many she is a woman now. No, really she is. She faces the reality of being married by the age of 14. Pregnant by the time she is 15. And if she survives childbirth she might have to sell her body to support her family, which puts her at risk for contracting and spreading HIV.

Not the life you imagined for a 12-year old, right? But the good news is there’s a solution.

Let’s rewind to her at 12. Happy and healthy. She visits a doctor regularly. She stays in a school where she is safe until the age of 18. She uses her education to earn a living. Now she is calling the shots and it looks something like this: She can avoid HIV. She can marry and have children when she is ready. And her children are healthy like she is.

Now imagine this continuing for generation  after generation. You get the picture right? 50 million 12-year-old girls in poverty equal 50 million solutions. This is the power of the girl effect. An effect that starts with an 12 year old girl – and  impacts the world. The clock is ticking.

The Nike Foundation’s “Girl Effect” campaign invests in the education and health of young girls.


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